Hosted by Paula Robbins, CCHt, Metaphysician, Hypnotherapist, and ConsciousPreneur with 30 + years of marriage in consciousness and professional business.


What does prosperity mean to you?

Is it financial freedom? Living a life of meaning and fulfillment? Making an impact in humanity?

To a conscious-minded soul, it means all of the above. We don't just want to have financial freedom, we want to lay our head on our pillow at night knowing we walk with purpose, integrity, and impact in the world. We want to be able to serve others, our loved ones, and our own well-being. If you agree, then you'll enjoy this free webinar. 

What's in this video...

The cool story of how Paula gained the insight of these three main keys to prosperity, freedom, and fulfillment.

The 3 sacred keys that will unlock prosperity, in all of it's glorious forms, for any conscious professional!

The 3 saboteurs to avoid that have caused so many to get stressed, stuck or even give up.

Meet The Presenter

Paula Robbins, CCHt, has applied many principles of conscious and spirituality in two careers. She started in Corporate America in 1992 in the staffing and recruiting industry. An industry that requires a great deal of perseverance, tolerance, and love for others. She climbed the corporate ladder into a senior management role and through a deeper awakening (and some cool synchronicities), she left Corporate America to walk a path of purpose as an Entrepreneur in the field of metaphysics and alternative health. 

Since 2007, Paula has embraced her true purpose. She has worked with clients in over 40 countries worldwide, had numerous referral partnerships, built a network of other metaphysical professionals, and created numerous resources to support individuals and groups with living a life they love, trust, and thrive in. 

With over three decades on service work both professionally and as a volunteer, she's learned many of the keys to prosperity and success. She shares the three that are most important with you in this presentation. 

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