As you scroll through this page, you will find many offerings that you can  access on your own to find  inspiration, healing, transformation and ascension! There are both free and paid offerings here and we wish you love as you allow these "Light" offerings to guide and support you!

During live gatherings, Paula has channeled many, many meditations. Here are a few that she was "called" to share as a gift. The sound quality isn't as clear as the studio meditations below, but the message is worth receiving. 

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So many are so curious about how they just "know", "see", "hear", or "feel" things... Download this Free PDF with some insights about Angels and Intuition that may guid you on your own way to strengthening and understanding your own intuitive nature and how Divine Energies support you!

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Weight is one of the most common difficulties that people struggle with. Whether it is too much, too little, or constant inner conflict about body image, this PDF offers some insights, tips and love to help you better understand what may be happening with "in" AND what you can do about it!

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Meditation has been practiced for as far back as the ancient records can document. And with guided meditation you have a friend that leads your body, mind and spirit into some very deep wisdom it is sure to love...

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The Prosperity Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs (P.A.C.E) is loaded with SO much guidance for the Conscious Business Owner! There are three self-paced courses to help you start, stabilize and truly ascend your impact and message in the world!

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Thinking about starting an online business? Please take this short e-class first!! Learn about "runway", the many types of digital businesses you can start and how to avoid too many rabbit holes!


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