$55.00 USD

Group Hypnotherapy Session ~ Forgiveness of Self and Others

If you have not participated in a Group Hypnotherapy Session before, please take a moment to read all of the details for this event carefully.

Cellular Release Therapy (CRT) is the healing modality that I've facilitated for hundreds of individuals globally since 2007. It is specifically intended to address what I often reference as "soul wounds". These can be the result of trauma, or something that has been with you your entire life, such as ancestral patterns, difficult fears/phobias, limiting beliefs, or deeply rooted life/soul themes. All of which are deeply held in your cellular memory. The intention is to connect soulfully to allow the memory of difficult events, emotions and energy to be released cellularly. 

There is no mistake that the word “cell” and the word “soul” are so similar.

To learn more about this powerful modality, here is a link to a video presentation and demonstration of CRT.

Again, please take a moment to read carefully. Thank you...

Topic to address: Forgiveness

Sunday, March 17, 2024

11 am to 12:30 pm Mountain Time/US

In this session, we will work on releasing the following:

• Experiences of making mistakes that you feel remorse, guilt, shame, or regret for.

• Experiences of being harmed that you are resentful for.

• Experiences of feeling or being hateful.

• Experiences of thinking or feeling that an event in your past is unforgivable.

• Experiences of seeking but not receiving forgiveness from others.

• Experiences of difficulty or unwillingness to forgive yourself or others. 

• Experiences of feeling or being afraid you will not be forgiven for any reason. 

• Experiences of blaming or punishing yourself.

• Experiences of blaming or punishing others.

• Any soul agreements/vows/contracts that resulted from any of the experiences that were cleared.

• Any soul agreements/vows/contracts that have caused the inability to forgive yourself and others. 

I will be facilitating a metaphysical/spiritual energy clearing/reset/restoration process at the beginning of the session in hopes of ensuring that there is no energetic interference in your energy system.

This session will be conducted over Zoom, but will NOT be recorded. All confirmed participants will receive an email with the Zoom information upon registration.

**Additionally, if this is your first time in a group healing session, an intake form is required. You will receive an email with the link to this form once you've completed your payment/registration. 

***If you have participated in a Group Hypnotherapy Session or one-on-one session within the last five years, you may ignore the intake form request as I have one on file.

Thank you for reading carefully! I'm looking forward to this synergy and your shifts!!

With love and empowerment,



Paula Robbins, CCHT

Founder, Sunlit Pathways

What People Are Saying:

This has been life changing for me in ways that I can see and feel change already. I would absolutely recommend doing this!

Kat Barron

You always handle yourself and the group with so much love, wisdom, patience, and grace.

Melinda Anderson

I seem to be experiencing less mind chatter and things seem to have opened up. I don't feel so restricted. I believe the group energy expanded the experience.

Donielle Saxton