$45.00 USD

15-Minute Intuitive Soul Coaching Session

Upon purchase you will receive an email to set a time for our visit. 

Here's what to expect..

This is a visit with Paula Robbins in which she'll "tune in" and communicate as an instrument of the Divine to help you navigate professional or personal decisions. Her particular intuitive gift is to really laser in on what you need to know. 15 minutes is brief, but will allow swift guidance and awareness of the bigger picture so you can go forward with clarity to establish next steps for positive shift in your life.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you, Paula, for the Intuitive Laser Coaching session today during the M&M call. It was very helpful and insightful and gave me some guidance to help bring some direction and focus as I further develop my concept. Your encouragement to trust my light and energy and let it shine and others will see it and value what I have to contribute was a strong message I needed to hear. I need to trust myself. I will remember to check in with my heart as I progress to make sure I continue with the right vibration and intention. You continue to be a gift in my life Paula, thank you!

Angela Ewari

I cannot rave enough about Paula! There's something so magical about her and her approach. Her demeanor alone makes me feel relaxed, safe and inspired. My life has changed dramatically with our work. She gave me suggestions and homework - which I did 100%. I have since created the abundance I so desperately needed.

Kara Deupre