$90.00 USD

30-Minute Light Language Healing with Smita

Upon purchase, you will receive an email to set a time for your session. 

Here's what to expect...

In this 30-minute healing session, Smita Patel, with her team of light beings and galactic guides, offer healing through light language, which is a vibrational expression of multi-dimensional channeled energy using spoken dialects, light codes through my hands, and light transmissions from my eyes.  Not something that can be understood by the conscious mind, but will resonate with your heart, soul, and DNA.  This new wave of healing is very unique and if you feel drawn to it there is usually a reason for it.  The mission is to help you live your true light and purpose.  These fast-track healings work on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, clearing away resistance, stagnance, and any energy of feeling stuck or frozen, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, uplifted, and more in flow!   This session can clear energy that is not your own, activate dormant soul gifts and abilities, connect you with light beings wanting to work with you and upgrade your light body to assist in your own enlightenment and ascension journey.

Upon purchase, you and Smita will both receive an email. The email to you will ask you to reply with times that you are available as well as your location. Smita is in the UK, so she will confirm a time that is feasible for both of you to meet over Zoom within a few days of your payment. 

What People Are Saying:

I've known and worked with Smita since 2009. She is a truly gifted healer with amazing innate abilities and I'm honored to have her as a member of the Sunlit Pathways Network. I've now had several sessions of Light Language Healing with Smita and while I can't quite put the session itself into words, I can speak to the incredible flow and breakthrough energy that has been the result! I've been more productive, felt lighter, had incredible clarity, and just more joy in general. Light Language Healing is fascinating! I share about it often and highly recommend it to many!

Paula Robbins, Founder, Sunlit Pathways

*** OMG ***, How Amazing! Had my first session with Smita and the way she worked was spectacular, I loved how her guides were able to detect and heal my blocks to my well-being and I feel like such a lighter and happier person. I am definitely coming back. Smita is a very talented healer.


Thank you, Smita for the amazing light energy healing and activation upgrades. I was buzzing for days. Since then my spiritual connection has been so much clearer, and although I had done some channeling before, it was never so clear and so strong. Some quite profound communication coming through now. You also used light language energy healing to relieve and release my dog's traumas was incredible too, I've never seen Tala, (my German shepherd) behave like that, glued to your leg after the healing, with such a look of bliss on her face while you continued to do more healings in my group. Thank you again. I'm excited to see where it all leads now!


I had a light language healing session with Smita and it blew my mind! I’m rarely speechless and this time I was. I had blocks with people that I struggled to lift and through Smita and her incredible gifts, it healed them and helped me move forward and more so understand what was going on. Really recommend her I’ve never experienced something so magical!