$180.00 USD

Future-Life Session with Smita

Upon purchase, you will receive an email to set a time for your session. 

Here's what to expect...

In this 75-90 minute session, you will gain insight into your future and be enlightened on how to maximize your potential. You could be surprised: it may not be what you expect!  

Take advice from the person who knows you best, your future self, and save time, money, effort, and resources by learning the optimum routes to propel you to happiness and success.  

You will be guided into deep relaxation and taken on an internal journey to explore any of the following:

- 5 & 10 years into the future of this life 

- Your alternate futures for a 5-year period and find your best possible future

- Your next life which can bring valuable insight as to why you’re here for this life

- Gain wisdom and insight and do much more by connecting to your more evolved distant future self

- The healthiest version of yourself

- A more abundant you 

- Your next home or property

- A future lifetime with a loved one

Bringing the future energy and wisdom back to the present allows you to accomplish the necessary changes more rapidly and with greater gusto.

Future Visioning can help reveal your true passion, purpose, and talents and how to bring them to the fore.

Sessions include:

- Finding your niche and how you can stand out from the crowd,

- Discover your big genius, game-changer idea, or key special talents.

- Finding the right mentors and how to learn from the absolute best.

- Finding your tribe; your support system, your followers, your collaborators,

- Connect with the future you as a leader in your field.

Receive valuable insight and information on how to move forward and make wonderful changes happen!

*Past Life Regression is also available.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email to request availability and location. Smita is in the UK, so once she has this information she will reply back to confirm a time that is feasible for both of you to meet over Zoom within a few days of your payment. 

What People Are Saying:

I've known and worked with Smita since 2009. She is a truly gifted healer with amazing innate abilities and I'm honored to have her as a member of the Sunlit Pathways Network. The future-life progression session was profound for me. It offered me a clarity of purpose and direction that has set my soul on fire! I have so many goals that I want to achieve in this life to serve and help others and this really helped me see the path to achieve them!

Paula Robbins, Founder, Sunlit Pathways

I absolutely loved my session with Smita! She has such a calm and welcoming energy and aura. She helped me to see that whichever path I choose to take, I will be happy so I need to stop worrying about making the right decisions. Highly recommend her to anyone who wants clarity in any aspect of their life. Thanks Smita!


I had a future life progression session with Smita and it was such a powerful session. Smita is an extremely skilled coach and therapist, with a gentle and nurturing manner. The session was very deep and experiential and gave me a clear vision of what I want for the future. I feel very energized and motivated as a result, but also have clarity on my direction. Thank you, Smita for such a great session!


Thank you for the amazing FLP session you facilitated. I am so grateful for the clarity I have gained as I have recently been second-guessing my purpose, and my mission in life which has caused me to hold back. You skillfully took me through the session and asked incredibly poignant questions for me to explore the answers that I otherwise would have missed. This has without a doubt helped me gain so much clarity, certainty, and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for what I am doing, and knowing that I am in full alignment with my purpose has me excited. I am ready to take my foot off the brake and create the future that I saw in the session. I cant recommend Smita enough, her patience, questioning ability and beautiful energy really allowed me to relax and enabled me to go deep into session and enabled me to fully explore what my higher self wanted to show me. If you are feeling a bit lost, unsure of your next steps, and want to build on the vision you already have for your life, or maybe your vision isn’t clear book a session with Smita, you will be happy you did!