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We help you with issues such as grief, trauma, self-esteem, addiction, anxiety, specific fears, performance, and so much more! Learn more about the powerful healing work of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Cellular Release Therapy.


I was referred to Paula I was referred by Dr. Jess I was referred by Jon Gabriel

What is Cellular Release Therapy?

Simply spoken, Cellular Release Therapy (CRT) is a modality of hypnotherapy specifically created to help you let go at a very deep cellular level.

How often have you said to yourself, "I just need to get over this?" or been told by those close to you that "you just need to let it go"? Easier said than done, yes? 

With this work, the specialist is working with your subconscious mind and your soul to ASK PERMISSION to release difficult experiences, fears, core issues, performance blocks and much more.

Specific Results

There are many amazing benefits and results from this work, but here is a list of a few...

Feeling "lighter" (because you've let go of some baggage)

Better sleep

Less anxious or stressed

More focused and productive

Responding versus reacting to experiences that used to be emotionally triggering.

Greater ability to be in the present, peacefully and gracefully.

What happens in the Intake Consultation?

This 30-45 minute, no-obligation, conversation is a confidential introduction for both the specialist and yourself. You will discuss your specific hopes for shift as well as discuss a customized plan for sessions, should you choose to go forward. 

The specialist will explain CRT, and other forms of hypnotherapy and of course, answer any questions you may have. She will offer suggestions and tips for practices (that are free) that may be beneficial for you to create change right away. 

We work with referrals from all over the globe. Please select how you found us for the appropriate program.

I was referred to Paula I was referred by Dr. Jess I was referred by Jon Gabriel

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