Unity and connection can make for so much fulfillment and joy within. Joine some "light-minded" friends as we gather for 1st and 3rd Mondays each month to talk about topics relating to consciousness, spirituality and metaphysics!

And... You can lead one of our calls! If you have a message that compels you and you enjoy teaching with engagement, please write [email protected] and say so!

Membership allows you access to more than 60 (yes, SIXTY) of the amazing calls we've held since 2019 as well as almost 30 very cool conversations with conscious souls that you will love! Join us and check out our archives! There's amazing love in here!

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The group sessions for Cellular Release Therapy have been amazing! All participants have reported that they have felt both deep synergy and significant results!

I am deeply honored to be able to offer this affordable and high synergy offering.

Check the calendar or click the button below for dates, topics to be addressed, and to register for only $55 per session. 

If you have a topic you'd like to see added, email Paula at [email protected]

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