About our Founder, Paula Robbins


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read why I am here and why I/we created these offerings for you.

To begin, let me share that I come from a background of abuse, trauma, and chemical dependence that very synchronistically led me to a path of healing, recovery, deep soul awareness and just fascination with never ending learning that began in 1988. Through many years of walking through some incredible life experiences (book coming soon...lol), I have found my true path in life as a Metaphysician. 

This is a self-given title based on the many various ways I've been so very honored to help others such as spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance, deep healing work through hypnotherapy and even career coaching from a metaphysical perspective. 

I bring more than 30 years of experience in the arena of applying spiritual principles to real life and business experiences and 28 years of experience in the field of career coaching and transformation. My work as an entrepreneur includes 12 years of professional experience in the work of metaphysical healing arts and spiritual counseling with international reach. In balance with doing my own healing work and personal growth, managing all of my own business plans, administrative functions, customer service and marketing, I have mentored several other entrepreneurs on how to grow and streamline their businesses, as well as offer them intuitive insights in relevance to directions to pursue or areas to avoid that have supported their success.

My greatest gift is to help others see where their own light and strength is. As I’ve grown both professionally and personally, I have really come to learn and embrace my own gifts as a Healer, a Teacher, and a Warrior of Light. I feel honored to be in a place in which I’m ready to scale all of these years of evolution and growth to support many of you as you embracing your gifts, find and honor your purpose and open up to receive great prosperity in all forms!

I hope you will walk with me as we gather, lean and learn together.

With Love, Inspiration, Divine Guidance and Great Faith,


"Thank you, Paula, for the Intuitive Laser Coaching session today during the M&M call. It was very helpful and insightful and gave me some guidance to help bring some direction and focus as I further develop my concept. Your encouragement to trust my light and energy and let it shine and others will see it and value what I have to contribute was a strong message I needed to hear. I need to trust myself. I will remember to check in with my heart as I progress to make sure I continue with the right vibration and intention. You continue to be a gift in my life Paula, thank you!"

Angela Ewari
Founder, Wellness Masterminds and the Author of Wellness Investment Plan

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