As you scroll through this page, you will find many trusted resources that you can  access on your own to find  inspiration, education, healing, and some great products too!

Alcoholics Anonymous

Our founder, Paula, has been a member of AA since 1988. She has a great love for the "one alcoholic helping another" model that has helped millions of people recover globally since 1935. Only YOU can establish if you are an alcoholic, but if you need help, AA offers community, education, enlightenment, and most of all relief. There are no dues or fees to participate. The only requirement is the desire to stop drinking.

Authority Accelerator

The Authority Accelerator was created by the amazing and beautiful, Sunny Lenarduzzi. She has helped literally thousands of people around the globe find clarity around their story, how they can use their experience to help others, and how to monetize an automated online empire with beautiful impact for the greater good. 

Awkwardly Zen

If you are into the "woo" and you enjoy connecting with others of "light" mind, then check out any of the many events available with this awesome metaphysical membership community of over 12,000 strong and growing!  They have over 40 free events every month on meetup and just an amazing group of professionals in the membership too!

Free Spiritual Community

This is an amazing community for addicts, alcoholics, their loved ones and any other "spiritual refugee" that seeks compassion, love healing, and grace, ALL things that set your FREE. The have local gathering live in Denver, Colorado and you can attend live online as well. 

The Gabriel Method

Sunlit Pathways and The Gabriel Method have been great supporters of one another since 2009. Together, we have helped thousands of individuals around the globe heal from many emotional and soulful wounds that have caused difficulty with weight. Healing the body is an "inside" job and few people share their wisdom and experience with this the way Jon Gabriel does.

Dr. Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is a tireless innovator in the field of health in all forms. He is a cardiac surgeon that not only still sees patients in his 70's, but has an amazing track record and an impressive line of tried and tested supplements and health food products to meet the needs of those that choose health over traditional norms. He will touch your heart, educate you, and share great recipes too!

Heartwise Relationship Academy

Dr. Jim Sharon and wife, Ruth Sharon, LPC, have been married since 1970 and have been working in the field of relationships, psychotherapy, and group facilitation for over 45 years! They know a thing or two about the heart and they have many courses, gatherings, and a podcast to support couples and those preparing for a loving relationship to thrive!

Heather Fleming

Heather is not only a dear friend to many of the specialists in the Sunlit Pathways Network, but she one of the most well rounded nutritionists on the planet. She incorporates all aspects of health into her work, from mindset, to mood, to pleasure and of course, nutrients! Check out her awesome spirit AND her cookbook, Meals and Feels!

Dr. Jess

Dr. Jessica Peatross is a functional medicine doc with one heck of an amazing Instagram Following (312K @Dr.Jess.MD). She is known for the message of 'kill, bind, sweat". Kill the toxins, parasites, and dis-ease, learn how it binds to the drainage  pathways, and get your sweat on! She has been a smart, fun, and lively partner to Sunlit Pathways since 2019. 


You are viewing this site on the Kajabi platform. We've been with Kajabi since 2018. We have our website, mailing list, membership, blog, courses and every offer housed in one place. They continually advance and improve Kajabi based on user input. It's worth every penny and with this link, you get a discount!

Linda Lancaster Consulting

So much of what you see on this site is managed and maintained by the amazing Linda Lancaster!! She's been the IT Manager for our founder, Paula, and Sunlit Pathways since 2010! She can help with almost anything IT such as website, code, SEO, logos, analysis, and so much more! She is fair priced, responsive and can handle any client tech support issue with grace, understanding and ease. Thank you, Linda. You are a true gem!

Paola Xhuli

Paola Xhuli is our newest partner in healing. She is a nutritionist and root cause practitioner with 107K followers on Instagram @paolaxhuli. She helps people heal from many chronic conditions and illness and she posts amazing insights, tips and many special offers from the products and services she supports, including Cellular Release Therapy!


If you are fairly active and enjoy pure, plant-based nutrition on the go, Truwild is Paula's go to for their all-natural  electrolytes (Hydrate), and pre-workout (Motion) drinks that are made from pure nature!  They have an amazing line of products at reasonable prices and Paula promises, you will enjoy the taste and clean energy of them all!

Quantum K

Oh, how we love Quantum K! This is a very impactful FREE healing experience that has been offered online for many years. Andrew Kemp uses intention, sound, color, fractal geometry and harmonics to offer your subconscious powerful healing suggestions. Please read the information Andrew shares on the website carefully for a much better explanation and prepare for some soul shifting.

Warrior Fit Academy

Paula has been a big fan of the founder of Warrior Fit, Heather Lee, for many years. Turns out Heather is a big fan of Paula's also. Heather has an amazing fitness program that emcompasses all aspects of health from exercise, eating plan, mindset, spirit and most importantly, community. Paula often teaches in the Warrior Fit community on mindset and the spirit of health. If you've been looking for a trainer or health program with structure and good vibe, talk to Heather or one of her team!

Ziva Meditation

Emily Fletcher went from being a stressed out Broadway Performer to one of the world's leading experts on meditation. It all started with her own journey inward, which was so transformative that she founded Ziva with a mission to help as many people as possible achieve  dramatically reduced stress, dissolved anxiety, and deep, restful sleep. Ziva has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Harvard Business School and many other prominent organizations globally. Go find the "blissfield".