Meet, Paula Robbins, the Founder of Sunlit Pathways!

Paula has a great love of seeing other's "light up" and has been in the work of helping others for over 30 years. Paula has her own history of trauma, abuse, and more importantly, healing and recovery.

She grew up in Denver, Colorado with what she jokingly references as her deeply loved, but above-average dysfunctional family. She experienced many forms of abuse and instability throughout her childhood and teen years, including substance abuse that began at age 12.

At age 20, by Divine Intervention and Design, she was picked up by the right guy hitchhiking and began a soulful journey of recovery, awakening, and many different chapters that led to where you found her here right now, on Sunlit Pathways. 

While she mostly identifies with the title of ‚ÄúMetaphysician‚ÄĚ, she has been called friend, healer, intuitive, counselor, mentor and many other titles she has been deeply honored to hold over these many years. She is and has been a volunteer in many capacities, had a¬†long and successful¬†career in Corporate America and has worked in the healing arts/holistic health arena since 2007.

While her primary education is as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with specialty training in Cellular Release Therapy, Regression Therapy, and Spirit Releasement, Paula uses many of her inherent intuitive gifts as well as other applicable modalities to assist people as they achieve a healthier balance of the body, mind, and spirit, which brings beautiful transformation.

Her desire to help people change their lives for the better is a natural way of being for Paula. She works with individuals as well as with groups of many sizes to support the efforts of achieving self-improvement, spiritual expansion and maintaining states of peace and optimism through any circumstance.

"Let's walk together with courage, love, and the guidance of Divine Light to a place of grace, empowerment, and much greater trust in life."

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