Whether you are already an entrepreneur or you feel a "pull" to a new calling of greater purpose, P.A.C.E. has something for you! 

P.A.C.E. was created by Paula Robbins, the Founder of Sunlit Pathways, to help conscious-minded souls live a life of fulfillment, impact, and prosperity. She brings more than 30 years of experience in both business and consciousness to every lesson in the academy and teaches in a simple and loving way to help you create, evolve, and ascend the message of your soul far and wide!


Lesson Titles

1 - Clarity of Purpose
2 -  Appropriate Education
3 - Training and Education
4 - What’s in a Name?
5 -  Are you Legal?
6 - Identifying Your Ideal Client
7 - Creating a Business Plan with Ease
8 - Comfortably Accepting Payment
9 - Workspace Matters
10 - The 30-Second “Commercial”
11 - Your Website
12 - The Secret Sauce

Lesson Titles

1- Walking your Purpose
2 - Your Niche and Your Avatar
3 - Referral Partners
4 - Testimonials
5 - Loving your Branding and Identity
6 - YOUR Soulful Marketing Plan
7 - Bookkeeping and Taxes
8 - Strategy and Systemization
9 - Running “in the black”
10 - Time Management
11 - Carrying Your Message
12 - Lighting the Way

Lesson Titles

1 - Being “Called”
2 - Putting Yourself “out there”
3 - Bandwidth, Flexibility and Grit
4 - Got Coaching?
5 - More Education?
6 - Your Circle of Support
7 - Sphere of Influence
8 - Clarity
9 - Building Your Platform
10 - Investing in Your Message
11 - Landline to Online
12 - Trust and Faith

Whether you're starting, growing, or taking your message to the next level, P.A.C.E. can offer insightful, easy-to-follow action steps to help you make decisions, ensure you are thorough in your action steps, and most importantly help you be clear on your own Inner Knowing that you are on the right path and Divinely led... 

To enroll in P.A.C.E. simply join The Sunlit Pathways, Light House Membership. 

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Angela Ewari

The Prosperity Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs is a treasure of resources for the entrepreneur, whether it's your first venture or fifth. There are a variety of avenues to get yourself out there, and Paula defines each one concisely, and with numerous references to help you recognize which resonates with your purpose and path. The lessons will take you step by step in your evolution from building a strong foundation to prosperity.

Jim Swayze

Paula has been instrumental as a coach. Her business experiences and extensive wisdom blend together as the perfect combination. She focuses on solutions that accelerate your business to new levels. Working with Paula is simply the smartest investment you can make in yourself.



Diane Lujan

Paula’s deep understanding of business acumen and operational structures provided the foundation for facilitation and leadership that I needed. She teaches easy-to-apply tools for all areas of business. If you want to tap into peak performance that drives the results you desire, I highly recommend Paula’s programs.


Carol Papini

I love what you have created. You are amazing. I wish I would have had this when I first decided to start my business.



Marianne Weigold

For years, I have turned to Paula for business advice. Her experience and insight has been invaluable to me. Her guidance inevitably points me right back to my own inner knowledge and my intuition. She empowers people making them feel important. This is her gift. Not only is she a successful entrepreneur, but she is kind.

Kara Dupre

I cannot rave enough about Paula! There's something so magical about her and her approach. Her demeanor alone makes me feel relaxed, safe and inspired. My life has changed dramatically with our work. She gave me suggestions and homework - which I did 100%. I have since created the abundance I so desperately needed.