Are you ready to take your knowledge to the next level and make a greater impact?

Then the Prosperity Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs (P.A.C.E.) is for you!!

 This program that will help you find clarity of purpose, start your own professional offering(s), stabilize and grow your business.

I remember when I first started out and all the challenges I faced. I wished I had someone to guide me and show me how to… To help avoid the pitfalls.

I have taken the knowledge and personal experience I have gained over the years from my own journey and put together PACE.

I want to help you truly ascend your message. 

A look inside the program

1 - Clarity of Purpose
2 -  Appropriate Education
3 - Training and Education
4 - What’s in a Name?
5 -  Are you Legal?
6 - Identifying Your Ideal Client
7 - Creating a Business Plan with Ease
8 - Comfortably Accepting Payment
9 - Workspace Matters
10 - The 30-Second “Commercial”
11 - Your Website
12 - The Secret Sauce

1- Walking your Purpose
2 - Your Niche and Your Avatar
3 - Referral Partners
4 - Testimonials
5 - Loving your Branding and Identity
6 - YOUR Soulful Marketing Plan
7 - Bookkeeping and Taxes
8 - Strategy and Systemization
9 - Running “in the black”
10 - Time Management
11 - Carrying Your Message
12 - Lighting the Way

1 - Being “Called”
2 - Putting Yourself “out there”
3 - Bandwidth, Flexibility and Grit
4 - Got Coaching?
5 - More Education?
6 - Your Circle of Support
7 - Sphere of Influence
8 - Clarity
9 - Building Your Platform
10 - Investing in Your Message
11 - Landline to Online
12 - Trust and Faith

I am so passionate about helping other consciouspreneurs like yourself get your incredible message out there that I'm offering  all three courses for a 'choose your investment' option. ALL options offer ALL of the courses and ALL come with a 30 day guarantee!

That's right choose one of the prices below to gain access today!

Whether you're starting, growing or taking your business to the next level of ascension, the Prosperity Academy (P.A.C.E.) can offer insightful action steps to help you make decisions, ensure you are thorough in all of the action items to get legal and most of all help you clarify your purpose and your impact in the world.