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The Light House is led by the founder of Sunlit Pathways, Paula Robbins. She has been a student, teacher, and healer in many areas of consciousness, metaphysics, and spirituality for over 30 years. She brings her experience, wisdom, love, and intuitive healing gifts to all who join. 

The first month of membership is FREE! Come on in and check out the "lighting"!

(Full benefits list and other information is below in the FAQ's)

Here's what's included...



One of the coolest aspects of this membership is the many moments of synergy and connection.

They are that spark in the eye, that certain smile or touch of the heart, but in each of these moments, you know that you are a part of something special. In our live calls and group sessions we connect, have deep discussions, we laugh, and simply love one another.  Everyone truly has a place to call home. 


Group Sessions


There are two monthly gatherings for members, a Group Hypnotherapy Session and The 333 Call. Details for both are in the Calendar.

The Group Hypnotherapy sessions are included in membership, but others may join for a fee. The 333 Call is held on the 3rd Thursday of each Month at 3 pm Mountain Time and is a members-only gathering, in which Paula will offer intuitive readings and soul coaching for members.


The Light Library!


Anytime you need some inspiration, relaxation, or want to learn more about metaphysics, spirituality, or perhaps self-healing, come to the library!

As a member, you will have access to an entire library of guided meditations, courses, interviews with amazing conscious-minded souls, and many fascinating metaphysical teachings and discussions from the live gatherings we've held since 2019. 




One of the most valuable offerings for The Light House is the BONUS of enrollment in The Prosperity Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs. P.A.C.E. is a labor of love created by Paula Robbins to help conscious-minded entrepreneurs or those who are feeling "called" to live a life of greater purpose, including their profession. The academy offers THREE very full online courses to create, evolve, or ascend your message, fulfillment, and prosperity!

Come on in and make yourself at home...

The first month of membership is FREE, so enroll today and check out the "lighting"!

Join monthly or annually.

If you join monthly, after your 30-day trial, the fee is only $27.77 each month.

Join Monthly

If you join annually, you get three months free for your first year!

The first month is your free trial then your annual cost is $277 (the monthly rate x 10 months). 

Additionally, all rates at the time of enrollment are lifetime rates. The enrollment amount will not increase for the lifetime of your membership.

Join Annually
"Thank you so much for the membership! I love the gatherings, the interviews, your intuition, and the guided meditations are just wonderful! It all just adds to my confidence and motivation to live my best life all ways!"

Laurie Arnold






"I cannot rave enough about Paula! There's something so magical about her and her approach. Her demeanor alone makes me feel relaxed, safe and inspired. My life has changed dramatically with our work. She gave me suggestions and homework - which I did 100%. I have since created the abundance I so desperately needed."

Kara Deupre

"I’ve enjoyed Paula’s membership for four years now! She has a gift for uniting, teaching, and inspiring others. Her guided meditations are amazing and I love the interviews! Thank you, my friend."

Vicky Doctoroff


"I have known Paula for many years and we have done workshops together. I joined her membership about 3  years ago and love the great topics and participation of the other members. The meditation at the end is always a great bonus. Thank you Paula for all you do!"

Birgit W.


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