222 - 2nd day of '22 - New Year New Moon Exercise for You!

goals hope intentions love manifesting moon cycles moon energy new moon new year prosperity rituals Jan 02, 2022

As we begin another new year, let me first say I hope your holiday season was one of more love and laughter than of fear and conflict. I know many of us had a bit of a mix, and that’s the balance of nature. Not always easy, but I pray your perspective is heavier balanced on the good.

I chose to write today as first of all, 22 and 222 are my favorite numbers, and it just so happens that on this 2nd day of 2022, it is a new moon! I think that quite a perfect time to reflect and set intentions. So, I hope you get a chance to read this today. However, if you are reading this later than this 2nd day or 2022, read on… The invitation offered here is a practice that is good for ANY day of ANY year.

For those of us that love the meaning of the moon cycles, the energy of the new moon (no moon in sight), is one of an open slate to welcome new energy and intention and to set your Inner Stage for what is to come. Add in that this is a new year, and hopefully, you have that fresh new beginning energy springing some exciting ideas for change, growth and Light upon what is to come.

So, here’s the jist…

Many a metaphysical lover enjoys a simple spiritual ritual. And many a moon lover follow the cycles and will conduct certain practices during the month to just keep their intentions, mindset, and spirit on track.

During a new moon, the blank slate is there to set intentions and allow them to be sent into the darkness where light is about to shine upon them and feed the positive energy they were set upon.

And while what I’m presenting is a new moon ritual, again, you can do this ANY day of ANY year. Us moon lovers, empaths and those that are just sensitive to  (and fascinated by) the astrological energy, just like to be in the vibe of the cosmos

Here’s the steps: 

1/ Review what you wish to let go, from last year, last week or today. You can write it on paper or just mentally review.

2/ Breath Divine Light into it and see it dissolve, or see what your own perspective shifts too, and if you wrote it on paper, some like to just burn it and physically see it go.

3/ Consider your goals and intentions and what you’d like to ALLOW into your existence. Want to increase the power of this practice? Write it down and sign it!

4/ Simply look into the cosmos, either in a meditation or by stepping outside and looking up (or both), and take some time to really FEEL all of the things you intend or home to achieve. See/feel these things flowing in and hold the energy of them as if they were already here. Really just enjoy and embrace them in a present tense way.

That’s it.

Easy peasy…

You can do this as often as you wish. I know some that do this daily.

 Wishing you a ’22 with great prosperity of love, laughter, security and freedom,