Heavenly Helpers

angels big picture loved protected spirit guides synchronicity Jun 05, 2022

Have you ever had one of those “close calls” in which you know things could have gone far worse, but in some way, you were protected or guided?

I have.


As I have reflected back over my life to the many times I was (what I reference as) graced, I really feel I cannot deny the presence of something beyond the conscious, earthly realm that has helped me, protected me and often offered valuable lessons. In my work with people one-on-one, I’ve heard literally hundreds of these accounts from others too.

Here’s what I have felt is the most fascinating part of these many personal experiences of my own and those that I’ve been so gifted to hear of… The viewpoints, accounts, and beliefs as to where the Divine Intervention/Synchronicity/Protection came from is really a vast list of beliefs.

In many of my personal accounts of these “near misses”, I’ve been convinced it is Angels and Spirit Guides. This is the most common of what people have referenced when they’ve spoken to these stories, but there are also Archangels, Spirit Animals, Ascended Masters and some even reference elemental energies (or powers, perhaps) such as Mother Nature and Father Sky. The list is long…

No matter the energy or being that is referenced, the stories all have one thing in common, a bordering disbelief that there was something so loving, so protective, and so “coincidentally” present that was there just for the one telling the story. And every time, I see that awe in the eyes of the storyteller, I know it well.

To have had so many incidents that have limited explanation, other than Divine Intervention, tells me that my life has a destiny of duration and purpose, something I’ve grown into a deep love and acceptance of.

There’s been several other aspects that have deepened this belief too, such as the many intuitive “hits” or even simple synchronicities that have come together, such as the funds for my education when I changed careers in 2007, or the free office space when I started my hypnotherapy practice in 2008 or the many other different circumstances that have “just come together” in times that I may have been worried or unsure of direction.

To get into the ways that the Divine communicates with us is a pretty cool conversation too, but to expand on this message today, and stay on topic, I thought I’d share a few of the close call stories.

1/ New Year’s Eve/Day 1984, about 3am, I was 17 and in the back seat of a car I shouldn't have been in. There were five of us in the vehicle, all of us very, very drunk. It was icy out as we’d had a heavy snowstorm here in Denver. The driver was merging too fast onto the 225 freeway here in the Denver suburb of Aurora, CO and we spun out...hard…at least one full 360, if not more than one. When the car finally stopped, we were on the other side of the freeway facing oncoming traffic and simply drove the wrong way onto to the on-ramp…still against oncoming traffic…and not a car or soul had a scratch.

Lesson 1/ Stop drinking. Lesson 2/ Don’t get in a car with a drunk driver. 3/ Wow, I must really be loved and protected.

2/ Thanksgiving Day, 2003, I was driving with my two daughters in the back and merging from a loop onramp onto the freeway (I-25 at Evans South here in Denver, CO) during a time when the freeway was under a heavy construction phase (for Denver folk, you may remember T-Rex"). This merge was very short, and the sight was limited, but they hadn’t set a lower speed limit for the freeway. A Semi merged into the right lane, just before I was about to merge left onto the freeway and I braked as hard and as fast as I could to miss him and stopped within inches of either being crushed on the left or smashing into the cement barrier on the right… Again…not a scratch… and just after the semi passed and I was breathing again...there was almost NO traffic at all for me to enter the freeway…

Lesson 1/ Oh my God, am I protected. Lesson 2/ My daughters are too.

To speak to the protection of my daughters, these next two are my daughter’s stories. In my mind, both are proof of something Bigger at play…

3/ 2007, My eldest daughter, then aged 17, was driving the speed limit of 45 heading westbound on Hampden Avenue, just near Tamarac (again a Denver reference), and a car heading eastbound turned directly north in front of her and she knew without hesitation that she would be hit head on… She specifically remembers yelling “God, no!” and the front end of her car was completely totaled. There was maybe 18 inches from the front bumper to the windshield and even the estimators could not figure out how she had no injuries, or even bruises, other than the burn on her face from the airbag deployment… I wish I had a photo as this really was something mysterious. I sincerely believe this was more than just good carmakers (RIP Saturn). Especially, when you hear her tell the story and she clearly knows in her own words, that she was protected divinely.

Here's the rest of this story…. That night I was about 30 minutes away at a holiday party. I had missed several calls on my cell phone and when she and I did finally speak, she was with her best friend and her best friend's  father. They just “happened” to be driving by at the time of the accident and stayed with her the entire time until I was able to get there…. Coincidence? I think not… These were two of the people my daughter trusted the most at that time and their presence assured her without a doubt that she was supported and safe.

Lesson 1/ (Not just mine, but my beautiful daughter’s also) God hears you, if you call… 2/ There is often amazing coordination in these moments, of Divinity, synchronicity and Angels on earth all coming together.

I could write these all day, but last one for now…

4/ July of 2019, My younger daughter, and her then beau, were in the mountains after attending a wedding. It was late and she called me to ask how to turn on the cruise control as she had just taken over this vehicle (A 2005 Chevy Tahoe) from me. Her boyfriend was driving and she unbuckled to lean over and find the button I was describing to turn on the cruise (It had a large front seat), and I heard a loud *gasp!*.

She dropped the phone and was gone for several seconds… I knew there’d been an accident, but I could hear them in the background also… She picked up the phone and said they’d hit an animal… but were both ok.

Now, all I can say is that if you were to see the picture below, without being the person on the phone with her, I bet you’d believe someone was quite hurt… Again…not a scratch to either of them, and here's another kicker...the airbags didn't deploy and even cause any facial burn...or other injury. However, a 300lb Elk was not as lucky. He was found 20-30 feet off of the side of the road the next morning.

More synchronicity... Just 10 minutes later, a woman passes by (that my daughter describes as looking just like me) and offers them a ride to their hotel, in the middle of nowhere, at 11pm. And one more thing… The next day when we had no idea how we were going to get all of their things home since the vehicle was being towed. I was planning to drive to the mountains to go get them (4 hours away), when one of the other wedding goers just happened to drive by the hotel my daughter was at and saw she and her beau outside as they were loading the vehicle on the tow truck bed. They offered them a ride back to Denver! Truly just a fluke? I think not.

Lesson 1/ Elk are fast for as huge as they are. Lesson 2/ Chevy Tahoes are built amazingly well, except for the airbags (?). Lesson 3/ God loves my children and who they love too. Lesson 4/ The coordination of these Angels….everywhere!

These are only four of so many stories I could tell to this end, but I’ll stop here and just say that I believe in Heavenly Helpers. I believe that for some reason, I’ve been graced over and over and so have many others that I love dearly. These stories extend to many that I’ve had the honor of doing healing work with also. I'll add that there’s so much meaning to these stories. No one tells them from a place of casual coincidence.

If you too have a story, know that I don’t only love telling these, I’d love to hear yours.

I’d also love to hear your lessons gained from any similar moments that you’ve had. I’d love to hear of any of the stories of how you experience faith or how you’ve grown to understand what faith means.

My greatest lesson in this life, at almost 55 years old, is that life can be trusted. Sometimes the harder lessons take more time to make sense, but because there has been so much that came clear through these moments, sometimes suddenly, sometimes many years later, I have a belief that most things in life really do have a purpose.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have many questions to ask when I get to the other side. I don’t just blindly trust some of the devastating things that happen in the world, but most of my own personal experience, to include significant trauma, has become some of my deepest wisdom, and confirmation that there is quite a community of Heavenly Helpers.

As I not only continue to evolve, but as I help others heal and align their own soul, I will continue to be ever so grateful for this knowledge. None if has come without a little help from my “friends” here and from above.

Stay in faith. Embrace the love. Trust the bigger picture. More is always revealed.

With love, grace and light,