My Grandma, then and now

222 angel numbers angels doreen virtue grandma grief number meaning signs synchronicity Feb 22, 2022

Many people speak of seeing “signs” that feel synchronistic to them in a spiritual way. It’s one of my favorite conversations, as I have so many of these moments that I feel are Divinely Inspired myself.

One of the stories that I’ve told many times over the years led me to really explore the synchronicity of number sequences and appearances. This blog is all about that story and the following research and education that followed.

So, let me start by speaking of my grandmother. Her name was Dorothy. She was all of 85 pounds soaking wet and had given birth to 7 children. My mother was her fourth child and gave her 3 of her 16 grandchildren. I was only one of those 16, but the one that she openly spoke of as her “favorite” (which I loved most of the time, but was a little worried about my cousins some of the time.) She was a feisty little lady and well-loved around the city of Denver by many for her personality and her great cooking.

Needless to say, I was pretty crazy about her also. Over the course of my crazy childhood, we lived together many times, typically, she would move into our home to help my mom with the three of us. As a child, she was the primary adult in my life that I trusted and felt safe with. Her presence wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked or benefited from, but my memories of her are all very fond and very loving; Writing poetry together, cooking, snuggling on the sofa watching games shows like Joker’s Wild or Wheel of Fortune, and for those of us over 50 that may just remember, the Lawrence Welk Show. I wasn’t as fond Mr. Welk, but I loved how she would light up when the dancers would come on, so I would dance around the living room to join in the “light” of her joy…

When I was 18, I left home. I moved from Colorado to Utah, then shortly after to California. I was 25 when I got the call that I truly never expected. Grandma had cancer.

I can’t say that I even really understood what cancer was, but I did know that I had a very short time left to see her and needed to get home soon. Sadly, it came far sooner than any of the family, especially me, had expected. From diagnosis to passing, it was only six weeks.

I sincerely took for granted that she’d be there forever. I’d never lost a close person to death and for my first experience of grief, this was deeply difficult.

I arrived home on February 27th, 1993 late at night. I’m not sure exactly what time, but it was after 11. I had my eldest daughter with me, who was only 2 ½ at the time. She was already asleep when we arrived and I put her to bed and went to lay next to my grandmother.

I had slept with her every night during the times that she lived with us, even as a teen. She was a best friend, a great snuggler, and my favorite person to talk to. So, my first instinct on this night when I arrived home to say good-bye to her was to lay next to her.

She was not conscious. She was heavily medicated on morphine and her breathing was shallow. I was facing her and just staring at her beauty and holding her hand. She didn’t wake, but I knew she knew I was there by intuition, so I started to talk to her. I told her how much I loved her and how I couldn’t wait to talk to her in the morning. I told her about my sweet little girl being asleep in another room and how I couldn’t wait for her to see her. I told her that I knew it was time for her to go, and that I was there now, to say good bye and that Heaven will be so lucky to have her. The only response she gave to me, and I fully believe it was her intention, was to gently slide her thumb across my hand as I held hers.

I fell asleep holding her hand and awoke at about 6am to go check on my daughter. The sun was barely coming up and I knew that she was still breathing, so I kissed her forehead and went and laid down next to my baby. It was about 5-10 minutes later that my step-father came in and told me she had passed.

She left moments after I left the room and I will forever be grateful that she waited to go until I got home to say good bye.

It was and is still just a very deep grief to know that I wasn’t home for her final years and that I took for granted that she was going to be here forever. It was the most difficult and yet beautiful lesson of living in the moment and embracing the day I’ve ever had. I wish it meant I never took anything else for granted, but we humans will do that…

On to the numbers...

Over the course of the next few weeks, months and years, I would see the numbers 1122. I would glance at the clock at 11:22am. I would awaken exactly at 11:22pm all the time, just for that moment. I would see $11.22 on receipts and on various other places like license plates or phone numbers. And as the experiences began to stack up, I knew that this was not just a coincident. I knew that it was some way that my grandmother, the angels and/or God were checking in.

I began to try to study it. I researched every chapter and verse of 11 and 22 in the bible. I looked in encyclopedias and any other place I could think of to research as this was before the internet. And one of the intuitive insights that occurred to me, because I also saw the numbers 222 rather often, was that it wasn’t the number eleven that I was seeing, but it was the roman numeral two! So, the insight became clear that it was the number 222 that was showing up as often.

Now, in all the research I was able to do, there was nothing that really made sense of the number sightings. However, in my heart and soul, I came to a very clear understanding that seeing 1122/222 was a “sign”, not only of my grandmother saying hello, but also of the Divine/Angels/God letting me know that everything was going to be ok, that I was loved, held and supported. I began to notice that I’d see it in moments when I was most stressed or worried about something that was happening.

Being a lover of all things spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, I wandered in to a spiritual book store one day and as I was browsing, I came across a book called Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. Of course, I immediately turned to the number 222 and I’m sure you can guess what it said…

I still have the book and reference, and recommend, it often.

✨222✨ “ Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith.”

And even before I read this very confirming meaning, I knew that’s what it meant, but the confirmation of seeing this in writing brought me to tears, the joyful kind.

Of course, I’ve read the book back and forth and grown to gain an understanding of the various number sequences, and today my understanding is of course, still as softening and relieving as it always has been. Thanks, Grandma, for leading me on this explorative path of gaining more faith. Thanks for showing this number to my daughters as often as you do me! 

There’s many more stories I could tell of my grandmother, but for the purpose of this message today, I’ll share a bit more about the numbers for those that are curious.

The definitions below are of my own understanding and each number has been perceived similarly by most, but if you were to research ANY number with adding the words “spiritual meaning” (ie: 222 spiritual meaning), you’d likely find more than one meaning. What I share here is a simple reference. Read, research, go inward, and trust your own internal meaning.

As an old mentor used to joke, “JC Penney had it right. It’s all inside”

I’ll keep it simple and just go with the basics, but with the resources of our current day, 2/22/22 😎, you can research ANY number.

1/11/111 – The thoughts and intentions you are holding are coming to fruition. Stay positive and let your fears go.

2/22/222 – All is exactly as it should be. You are supported, loved and let your faith be strong!

3/33/333 – You are surrounded by Ascended Masters with love, protection and guidance. Stay close and speak inwardly for more clarity on your next steps. I also have always just sensed a deep feeling of Love around this number, so to me it just simply represents Higher Love.

4/44/444 – The Angels are near. Tune in to your intuitive knowing/voice/sight/feeling to allow the deepening of their support and guidance.

5/55/555 – Positive change is coming! Expect something good!

6/66/666 – While many have felt this is something demonic, it is merely a reminder to let your thoughts of fear, material, or surface “things” (physical or other) to rise up to the Divine. It’s time to get quiet in prayer and meditation. You are too focused on the material/surface world.

7/77/777 – You are on the right path! Keep going! Divine Light is shining upon great outcomes!

8/88/888 – Prosperity is coming! Money, time, ideas, connections are all prosperous and keep your thoughts surrounding prosperity spiritually focused.

9/99/999 – Conclusion. It’s a sign of completion or the end of a chapter. Time to focus on opening a new door and not to procrastinate. Your life purpose is coming more clear and it’s time to get going. This is similar to the alarm clock saying it’s time to “wake up”.

So, whatever your number(s) or whatever your synchronicities or connections to loved ones, be them angels, family, or ascended masters, there is infinite Divinity in all that we are, all that we do, think, and feel. We are never alone, we are guided, we are loved.

If (the most profound two-letter world in the world), we allow it.

I hope that you do. I hope that I keep trying to. And I wish you a beautiful and meaningful Tuesday (or “2’s day”), 2/22/22!

Angels among us, All Ways,