Personal Lessons from Covid

author covid divine purpose grace intuition kindness purpose self honor wake-up call Nov 11, 2021

As I write this, I know that there is little to no relief from talk of Covid. I know that many are tired and worn down from all of the news, the posts, the conversations, and likely even their own thoughts, but now that I’ve had my own personal experience of having Covid, there’s some deepened perspective than even a few weeks ago about all of this.


 It’s what’s on my heart. So, here we go… 

First, let me just say that I, personally, am weary. As an Empath, the sad stories, the controversy, and sharp remarks people make to one another about masks, the vaccine, education, politics and anything else they can find sharp words for, especially behind a screen, have been hard on my soul. And of course, being ill with this very difficult virus itself, has certainly been exhausting and quite stressful.


 I’m not one to shy away from reality. I have the viewpoint that difficulty is often a great teacher.

 So, here are a few insights and lessons I feel I’ve deeply valued from over this last couple of trying years, and more concisely this last few weeks.

Lesson 1/ Kindness is possible.

As I share my own personal experience, I know that some will disagree with me. I’m perfectly content with that, but there is no need for a lack of grace or at least respect as we share our many differing opinions. After all, if we all shared the same perspectives, life would be fairly boring and much less educational.

I’ve had so many discussions about the topics mentioned above and while some have bordered on fiery, most have been very respectful and considerate of the other’s views. I’ve done my best to not only foster this, but to maintain my own strength and grace when I do disagree. My hope here is to encourage the same for anyone reading this. We are definitely more effective in our communication, even if we disagree, if it is respectful versus harshly confrontational. So, while it may not be easy to disagree, I wish you the strength to do it peacefully. It is harder for certain, but trust me when I say it is better for not only those you communicate with, but for your own soul…

 Lesson 2/ Gratitude for my own life and the lives of those I love is very high.

I’ve paid attention to a little news over this last couple of years. I’ll admit it is a very little, but it has been enough to stay apprised. And as I’ve watched/read and heard of the stories of so many that have lost their lives to Covid in some incredibly traumatic ways, my heart has hurt for the many loved ones that are grieving and even more so for the experiences those souls will not get to experience in living form now.

I am deeply intending to live my life with an even deeper purpose and clarity than before, which will include staying more connected to those that I love (if they allow it). There is so much I hope to do in this life before I go. I need to find some deeper focus, because if anything can summarize this era briefly, it’s that you can’t take anything for granted, especially time and loved ones. 

3/ Intuition matters

I personally chose not to get vaccinated. It was a steady and very clear voice in my head, in my heart and in my gut that kept saying “no”. I learned many years ago to trust my Inner Voice and while, this was an illness that may have been easier to manage had I gotten it, the difficulties I may have faced due to a condition I’ve had for over 20 years, Functional Neurological Disease, may have been far more difficult (which is an entirely different blog).

I knew that it would not be easy if I were to have been infected, and I was right. It wasn’t. However, I also knew, intuitively, that I would be ok, that I would honor a period of quarantine, and that further insight and value would come from the experience, as I’ve never had ANY difficulty, I’ve not valued from in some way…

I fully believe that we all are intuitive. Here is a link to a document I created on the subject to help you understand your own intuitive nature. The one thing that matters the most here is that the more you trust it, the stronger it becomes.

I trust my intuitive voice…most of the time. And I’ve valued greatly from allowing this to be my own inner compass. It’s where I live and continue to grow more and more with each passing opportunity to utilize this gift. I’m human and can be just as affected by the influence of others as the next person, but ultimately, it’s the intuition that ends up as accurate, even if I’ve disregarded it. Heck, especially if I’ve disregarded it…

4/ Self-Honor is King

This one isn’t as simple. It’s not quite black and white. In fact, it’s more of a mosaic of grays…

You see, when Covid was first officially a Pandemic in March of 2020, none of us really knew what to expect. There was just a great deal of widespread fear of the unknown. We knew it was serious. We knew people were dying. We knew this wasn’t going to be resolved overnight, that there would be at least a 1-2 or 1-3 (or 1-10) year period of Pandemic evolution. What we didn’t know was what would happen to us or those in our six degrees of separation.

A LOT has been discovered over this last two years.

Now we know that there’s no real rhyme or reason. It’s not just the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions that will be of highest risk. The fit, the healthy, and even the young have died. There is NO semblance of control, as much as we humans love the illusion.

Add in the mutations and new variations of this virus, like all other viral illnesses, and well, it’s simply still a mystery under investigation.

This is where the self-honor has come.

First of all, I trust time. I know that over time this has proven to be an educational process for all of us.

Some of the education is science. The science that speaks for the pros as well as the cons of the vaccine, some of which has supported my own decision to honor my Inner Voice. I am not anti-vax by any means, but I am still watching how this evolves. If you consider other viral infections, such as chicken pox, you understand that there are actual decades worth of time before there is actual knowledge, much more, true understanding, of long term affect.

Some of the education has been about appreciation for the ones we love. As we’ve lost loved one, seen the death and severity publicized and as we’ve been legally held back from traveling to see loved ones or from being with those that we care for when they are hospitalized, it has afforded an appreciation for the ones we still have… No matter their degree of health, we have their company, and I feel we are appreciating that more. I know that I honor the love I have for those that are still near me and it is heightened.

Some of the education is about financial health. I am not the only one that had a significant loss of income. And while that has, of course, been difficult, it has also forced me to scale back on certain aspects of my lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to… I gave up my great apartment, my office space, my regular visits to the nail salon, coffee shops and by nature of such shift, I also need less fuel for my car and far fewer car washes. So, my money management is entirely different, and gratefully, far better. This has been a form of self-honor, I wished I’d taken heed to much sooner.

And one of the most important aspects of self-honor is the hope to live my life walking more fully in Divine Purpose.

For over 30 years, I’ve been so honored to help others. I’ve been a volunteer in many capacities. I’ve loved learning about spirituality and altruism and paying that education forward as requested. I’ve absolutely been so very fulfilled by helping people heal from the many similar difficulties and traumas that I have healed from. I truly have lived a beautiful life and while I hope it doesn’t, I’ll add that if it ended suddenly, I know it was beautiful.

So, most of all, my deepest wake-up call from Covid was to get on with it… I’ve talked of writing books for at least 20 years, probably longer. It’s a pretty big undertaking and I’ve kept myself so busy in so many ways, that I’ve never made time to just write and learn the publishing process and so many other things that are a part of this very important dream.

I still have some of my journals from when I was a young teen… I write very similarly today as I did then. They have been just so beautiful to read and remember how this aspect of my soul has always been there.


Covid led me to review and refocus on what it means to honor thy self.

I have changed up a few things in my professional processes. I have joined a writer’s community. I am entering a book proposal contest. I have given myself a deadline and begun speaking about it to friends and loved ones and now you, the reader of this blog.

I have committed to honoring myself, my dream, and my true hope to affect more people in a positive way.

I hope to see others follow their own dreams. To see their own strengths and gifts and to fulfill their own purpose.

If there is anything that I see as my own purpose in this world, it is that….to support others in serving theirs.

If any of this resonates, I hope you’ll stay tuned. If any of it causes you to pause, I hope you’ll share your thoughts before discarding mine. If you have some considerations to add relating to what you’ve learned on this journey, I’m curious, please share.

Let’s stay in touch. Let’s exchange. Let’s keep evolving…together.