The Road - My Life Changing Movie

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The Road – My Life Changing Movie

As we approach that time of year when we consider what we are grateful for, some may consider what they are missing. There’s some in-betweener’s in there, of course, as one of the lessons we are still learning a few millennia later, is that there really isn’t a black and white 

As for me, I’m in a very honoring field of helping people heal and see things from a different perspective, soulfully and metaphysically, so gratitude is not only a significant part of my message, but also it’s often spun into some kind of “homework” and most importantly a significant part of my own “walking my talk”. It has been since I stepped into a life of recovery from my alcoholism in 1988. However, one evening about ten years ago, this was deepened in a way that I can only hope to share well here.

I often recommend movies, documentaries, music, and other recordings that I feel will help people on their healing journey. And as I share about the experience of my life altering in a way I’ll never look back from, based on a movie I saw about ten years ago, I have to add, that I’m not necessarily recommending this movie, but I hope you’ll read on as I clarify.

The movie, The Road, released in 2009, starring Viggo Mortenson, has been a point of conversation I’ve brought up to several friends, mentees, clients, and even a few strangers for many years. It came up twice this week, thus, spurring this post.

Some that have taken the conversation to heart, and wanted to know what I was so taken by, have started the movie but been unable to make it through more than a few minutes because it was/is disturbing. Some, of course, saw the entire film and we’ve had very engaging conversation about the message it conveys, whether intended or not. 

The premise is post-apocalyptic survival. It is a film that depicts the life of a father and son trying to navigate their next steps after a meteor strike. And as you can imagine from other post-apocalyptic films, there are some difficulties along “the road”.

Now, before I share precisely what was so life altering, l really don’t think what I’m sharing is a spoiler to the film. I just hope to convey the affect the film had on me, and to do that effectively, I will share about a scene or few. I’ll add here that I think much of what impacted me is that I felt it was very realistic, a quality in a film that always leaves an impression for me. Whether the world became post-apocalyptic from a meteor, a war, a pandemic or any other significant event the human mind can conjure, the idea of “what would I do?” is part of the conjuring.

THIS is where the gratitude comes from. Right now, today, I don’t have to even consider what I would do under these circumstances. This alone is significant.

There’s a scene burned into my memory where they find a house and some water. They are even able to bathe, not in a shower or really a bath, but there was more water than the very scarce amount they’d been experiencing for many miles (physically and metaphorically).

Based on this scene, EVERY bath or shower I take is purely a luxury, and I cherish them sincerely. It has not been a trivial part of my day since seeing this film. The same applies to drinking water. I not only have it, but it’s clean, filtered, tastes good and is life sustaining. I have taken some things for granted in life, but not the water available to me every minute of every day.

There are many scenes that are frightening. They simply cannot trust a single soul, as everyone is just trying to survive. Every survival movie shows how we humans can get pretty shady under these circumstances. So, if they run into someone on the road, it is a tense scene that you know could turn dark in a second.

There are many people in our real world that are afraid, disgruntled, feeling deceived, angry and just conflicted as to what to believe. Too many that are choosing a side, of any issue, have become aggressive, and even intentionally offensive, in defending their stance, because fear and aggression go hand in hand. 

I’ve felt some of these tough emotions myself. And while I have a lot of practice at identifying and managing my emotions in a healthier manner through countless hours of healing work, feelings aren’t easy… However, they are a part of our contract with being alive. So I allow them all, process them all and while sometimes I do a little escaping or taking a break, I trust this part of life and keep moving through them because the tough times, tough emotions, or even dark nights of the soul have been my greatest teachers. 

I digress a little…but here’s the point of what those scenes escalated for me.

No matter what my feelings or the facts and circumstances of my life, and I promise you that anyone that knows me will tell you, I am that hopeful, friendly soul that will sincerely look you in the eye and care about your well-being, your soul, your day and if I can, I’ll share where I see your light. It may be the cool frames you chose for your glasses, the way you worded something, your great hair, or simply your vibe, but I will do all I can to emanate my thoughts of love for what I see with my own energy emission and quite often in spoken word. Regardless of the tough emotions life can hold, regardless of my street smarts that will see those that don’t want my good will, I will focus on what is good, what is right and where the light is, and I will hope to allow my love and thanks for that. It is my gift, and I have cherished it since I was a child. 

I know that some of you reading this get this so very well. You are my people and I love you. And if I see you on the road, let’s share a few steps together. 

Thanks for allowing my love fest. It's my way... Now back to the program...

As you can imagine, this is a very emotional movie, and as it was nearing the end, I was just gripping my heart in wonder as to if they would reach their demise or their saving grace. Isn’t this a feeling that comes when we simply don’t know what the future will bring? That gripping of our heart and mind that says going forward might be too much? Too much fear, too much struggle, or too much change? 

This next part of what I share, may somewhat be a spoiler, but the value at the end of the movie is a value I wish more would simply trust.

It is to keep going.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and allow life to unfold.

Trust that every life experience will have value, every mistake, every misfortune, every win. They may not make sense, at all, when we are in the heart of the matter, but I bet that if you reflect on any given life experience, you can see some value from it in the form of a lesson, some wisdom, or simply what not to repeat. 

What I’m sharing here doesn’t mean that anything that comes from intentional harm is excusable or forgettable. It means that if we have the courage to keep going, to keep moving forward, facing our fears, our wounds, ourselves, and the circumstances that we’ve met on our road, that answers will reveal themselves. Some will be vibrant and rich with enlightenment and epiphany. Some will be subtle but keep us moving forward to seek more of what they cracked open. 

My favorite term for how Divinity works is The Great Mystery. I don’t think that The Road was at all a mystery film. It was a survival film. But, it depicts The Great Mystery of life and divinity rather well in my opinion. 

Another blog. Another opinion. And the point overall, short story long, is that if we consider how bad it could be, we could certainly stop, in any given second, to appreciate how truly good it IS. 

So, do that. Ok? 



In any given second.

Take it in.

And appreciate what IS.

May you and yours have a glorious Thanksgiving. May you roll with the Mystery, no matter your plans set, changed or kept. May you appreciate where you are, and who you’re with, even if that is your own company. May you appreciate your ability to feel, to have others that relate, and your right to share or not share any of it.  May you embrace that you can brighten someone’s day with a simple smile or kind word, and that will shine within you deeper and brighter than within them. May you be grateful…for a lot, whatever your lot.

And… if you’re looking for a movie, well, let me repeat, this isn’t necessarily a recommendation. It’s just one gal’s experience of how two hours shifted her soul. Some have had enough soul shifting up to date. Some live for more of it with every moment. So go with what calls to you. Your own instinct of how you walk the road of any given day matters more than this gal’s experience, but thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for considering the thoughts. Thank you for all that you are.